Venus Factor Program: An appropriate weight loss program for every woman

There are lots of differences between the male and female bodies. Women have different physical and psychological disposition. They have different hormone levels, muscle fiber distribution, fat storage patterns. So, they need to maintain quite a different weight loss program. The Venus Factor Program is a body sculpting weight loss program, which is the best suitable for a woman.  Author John Barban has given his best effort to make such Venus Factor Program that compromises a woman’s lifestyle along with their body and mind.

The Venus Factor System is based on a proper diet and exercise plan. The book contains complete instructions of home based exercise. You don’t need to buy any special equipment for exercise. So, everyone will be benefited with this Venus Factor Program.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Venus Factor Program?


  • The Venus Factor System is specially designed only for women, which reshape their bodies and change the lifestyle.
  • Venus factor program is included with 12 weeks’ work plan. Within this short time you will gain a fit body and can enjoy the healthy life.
  • You can get healthy and sexy figure at the same time. The Venus Factor Secret is fitter, stronger and adjustable for a woman’s body.
  • Earlier men and women used to take the same fat burning diet, and do the same exercise. But, it was a great mistake as there are significant differences between male and female metabolism. The Venus Factor Program is prepared after great understanding these differences.
  • John Barban has designed the right program that focuses on the problem zones of a woman. Hips, waist, thighs and belly are the problem zones for a woman.
  • Venus Factor Program does not require any special equipment for exercise, and extra stuff to use. All exercises that are mentioned here are accessible both at home and at gym.
  •  The program is based on the short and effective exercise working plan. You will feel comfortable when performing those exercises. You can save your time by avoiding never ending exercise schedule.
  •  If you are using this program, you don’t need to get worried about counting calories; don’t have to follow any restricted diet plan. You can eat whatever you like, beside weight losing food plan.


  • Though, the Venus Factor Program does not mention any nutrition plan, many women used to think that they can exceed the limitation. That’s why many women are unable to get benefited with this program. You can eat anything you like, but you should also avoid risky item.
  • Some of the women ask for giving some trick for quick weight loss. As this program is all about reshaping your body along with sexy appearance, this program need little bit more time.
  • The main problem behind unsuccessful in losing weight is low dedication from the diet plan. Some people want to reduce weight quickly, but they cannot compromise in maintaining a healthy diet. Not only for the Venus Factor Program, but also for other program, you must stick with a healthy diet plan to get the best result.
  • In every presentation of Venus Factor System, it has been said that the program is only for woman. There is nothing to do with men. Just throw it away, if you are a man.
  • If you have any bone injuries, then you cannot maintain the Venus Factor Program. Venus Factor required to maintain many exercise routines.
  • Remember, Venus Factor is a digital product. So, don’t be cheated by buying any physical product program.

venus factor program

Venus Factor Program Overview

This program is a complete women’s weight loss program that is full of daily exercise works out a plan, virtual nutritionist help, videos for exercise, and the theory of this system. It is easy to understand by every woman and almost every woman can maintain the mentioned work outs.

  • The PDF Manual Guide will help you to determine the ideal ratio for your body by observing your body size. This will also give you recommendation whether you need to lose weight, or need to gain extra pounds.
  •  The body centric eating guide of Venus factor will determine Venus index and guide you to achieve your goal. Some of the women think that fat loss program is anxious as everyone of them asks the same dull advice, “Consume less”. But, Venus Factor Program asks to eat the right food. You can calculate your total calorie consumption, according to your desired weight and height.
  • The step-by-step workout till 12 weeks allows you to build your muscle in a better shape by cutting down extra fat. The 12 week workout is divided into three phases. Each phase is contained with an individual workout plan.

venus factor program

Who will be benefited with this program?

The tools and information in Venus Factor Program is especially for the woman, who wants to shed pounds of body fat quickly. The strategies that the program espouses are considered with the female physical and psychological fact. You don’t have to lift any heavy weight, don’t need to take dangerous supplements or don’t need to perform sickening exercises.

Venus Factor System Tools

The Venus Factor System is a downloadable computer manual guide. The System contains some important tools, which you can download from your own computer.

  • The program contains a PDF manual that describe the theory of this system and how it will work.
  • There are instructional videos that will help you to learn the way of doing appropriate exercise. You can take your video tutorial with your mobile device.
  • A virtual application is used in this program to calculate the amount of calories that you need based on your body type.
  • The Venus Factor forum will give you the opportunity to gather more experiences about this program. You can ask or share tips, recipes, and tips with other people. There is also blogging opportunity to share daily basis.


You will get full support from the Author and the seller of the Venus Factor Program from first to the last of the program. If you have any query about the program, you can email to them. To get more information and share your problems with the others, you can join in the Venus Factor Forum community. If you are not satisfied with this program, then let them know about your complaint and want back your compensation. This authority is bound to return your investment within 48 hours, if you have complained within 60 days.

Final Opinion

The Venus Factor Program is a well-designed program that is easy to manage. As the week progress, you may have to face challenging situations. Don’t lag behind, keep yourself motivated. This may be little hard to maintain, but don’t lose your hope, it is still doable. You don’t have to compete with cravings. This is something different that will let you enjoy your eating habit besides gaining a fit body. Finally, it can be said that the Venus Factor Program is an appropriate diet and a fitness program that you need for your body.

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